I am a Boston based digital multimedia artist, specializing in videography/cinematography, photography, graphic design, motion design, and music production. I am in my third year at Brown University, concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience and Modern Culture & Media production; I aim to utilize principles of attention science to

Before getting the privilege to work on creative content with some incredible individuals and businesses, I was a little kid with a point-n-shoot camera and a computer. Obsessed with storytelling through a lens and capturing the beauty of subjects visually, I gradually trained myself in the arts of cinematic movement, photographic composition, motion graphic animation and a variety of digital media editing softwares-- always hungry to find new ways to create. 

Throughout high school (and now college), my independent passion for digital art, coupled with my keen consideration for brand identity has lead me to work with innovative app designers, talented musical acts, real estate businesses, and schools to create exciting marketing content. I love creative challenges and helping others to tell their story through digital and social media, and I'd love to help you too!