When I was much younger, I became interested in filmmaking and editing during my time as a camper at the Charles River Creative Arts program. With only some initial instruction in Final Cut Pro, I then began using my brother's old tape camcorder and parents' computer to produce my own, fun short films with friends outside of camp-- and I was absolutely hooked. With very minimal formal instruction, most of my capture and editing capabilities are self-taught and refined through trial and error. Throughout the last couple of years, through my extensive experience and acquisition of more professional gear, I've been able to evolve my childhood hobby into a profitable profession, with experience producing short documentaries, promotional videos, and event videos. On this page, I've included some examples of my work:  a documentary style film, a music video, and a cinematic, unofficial, experimental commercial with a pocket-dolly apparatus. Currently, I use a Canon 70D, a variety of real and homemade stabilizers and dolly systems, a Rode Videomic, Final Cut Pro X, and Motion 5. I hope you enjoy some of my work!

"Cookies!" is a short, artistic film I created as a part of my independent study in cinematography, photography, and graphic design during my senior year in high school. I used a variety of camera supports and cinematographic techniques, and filmed only with a 50mm macro lens in an attempt to capture the beauty of the smallest motions, scenes, and textures one typically doesn't notice while baking. With a particular consideration for aperture, focal length, lighting, camera angle, coloration and frame composition, I aimed to create a visually pleasing film to convey the joy and playfulness involved in cooking. The film required a strict focus on timing of certain shots while shooting and in post-production, as I wanted the motions and actions in the film to almost dance with the classical background music. 

This is a video compilation of some of my recent timelapses of the stars. I've been fascinated by long exposure photography and timelapses recently, and I've been able to capture some pretty neat footage of the motion of the stars with my DSLRs and intervalometer. I think the star lapses are particularly interesting because they help to depict the context of the Earth in space!

Music: "Red Sky at Night" -- David Gilmour

Earlier this year, I was hired by a local band/rap group to photograph and film their live performance at the Boston House of Blues. Single handedly managing four different camera angles, I then produced this promotional music Rap video featuring one of the group's songs. Different film subjects require unique filming and editing techniques to convey different energies, and I think this piece is a good example of my versatility within filmmaking. 

[Canon 70D, Canon T2i, GoPro Hero 3+, Sony HDR-cx150]

A few years ago, I created this unofficial, cinematic commercial for an old BMW. In the making of this personal video, I heavily experimented with different  angles, dolly movements, and other effects in cinematography.

[Canon T2i, P&C Pico dolly] 

Music: "Ghostwriter" -- RJD2

In March of  2013, I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to South Africa with Milton Academy's advanced Jazz ensembles as a freshman drummer.  I also filmed/edited/produced this feature length documentary capturing every facet of our trip with a DSLR and GoPro camera. I hoped to display not only our group's musical experiences on the trip, but also the beauty of South Africa, and how music can unite us all. The film featured many seniors on the trip in interviews, and our instructor Bob Sinicrope.  Featured between documentary segments are "best-of" performances recorded while on the trip.  (If you're only able to watch a few minutes of this piece, the 32:30 mark onward is a nice synopsis of the trip and experience.) 

This film premiered in the fall of 2014 at Milton Academy's annual Jazz concert and has been used in fundraising efforts. 

This video does not reflect my filmmaking-- but it is a video on my youtube channel of a transformable transformer costume I made in the 6th grade! I used a lot of cardboard, tape, and paint, and had to prototype the mechanism of the costume on a small scale first. My video has almost 1.1 million hits on YouTube!