Jazz Drumming


I've been playing the drums since I was 10 years old, and had formal lessons for 4 years. Much of my love and motivation for drumming in my earlier years came from jamming with my older brother, who was already a fantastic Jazz pianist. His musicality and patience with me drove me to get better and better, as I worked along side him while he composed new music. My first exposure to Jazz drumming was in middle school, where I played in the school's Jazz band, as well as in a separate, advanced trio. I've continued to play through my high school career with Milton Academy Jazz and with a trio I formed with my brother, Adam Rochelle, and bassist friend, Johnnie Gilmore. Though I haven't had formal lessons in many years, I've self-taught and refined my Jazz drumming through avidly listening to Jazz, practicing my rudiments, and playing alongside other fantastic Jazz musicians. Below are a few selections from my Milton Academy advanced jazz ensemble, recorded in my Junior year. Take a listen! (I have a longer drum solo at 5:00 in "7 Steps to Heaven.")

Milton Academy Musicians

Drums - Sam Rochelle

Piano - Alex Garnick

Bass - Ian Kennedy

Saxophone - Will Powers

Alto Sax - Miles Awafola

Trombone - Michael Sabin

Guitar - Kevin Reily

Rock/Funk Band: Centre St.

When I was 14 years old, I joined Centre St., a Jazz-infused rock and funk band, founded by my older brother, Adam Rochelle. I'm the drummer and one of the vocalists for the band. Most of our music is original with a stylistic range of everything from bluegrass, to Jazz, to funk, to straight-up rock 'n roll. We play in a variety of popular music venues in and around the Boston and Metro West area including pubs, outdoor concert series, festivals and private events. In 2014, we released our first self produced studio album, called John Smith's Lawn.  (Have a listen to clips below!)

In addition to my musical contributions, I'm am also responsible for all of the band's video production and artwork, including the album cover and CD label design, and t-shirts. 

Band Members

Adam Rochelle, Keyboard, vocals, and composition

Sam Baler, Guitar, vocals and composition

Johnnie Gilmore, bassist

Sam Rochelle, drummer, vocals, composition